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The Genesis of CFA Society Argentina & Uruguay

In the late nineties, by the ending phase of the Convertibility, a growing population of CFA Charter-holders and Candidates had been performing its profession in Argentina. By that time, the entity that gathers us on a global perspective was known as AIMR and there were no local chapters (societies were called chapters at that time) south of Mexico. As all service provision to Charter-holders and Candidates has always been thought to be distributed on a decentralized fashion by local societies (then chapters), CFA stakeholders at the very south of the continent were not living on an equal foot as compared to colleagues in other latitudes.

But a pioneering group of individuals decided to initiate the efforts to open the first South American local chapter, with the first records dating back to year 2000. A non exhaustive list of these individual include (please consider that any missing name is the responsibility of the writer of this document and he will be happy to amend according to feedback) are Alejandro Santos, CFA, María José Anastasio, CFA, Narciso Muñoz, CFA, Fernando Berge, CFA, Juan Cruz Elizagaray, CFA, Santiago Cúneo, CFA, Rodrigo Ribeiro, CFA, Claus Born, CFA, Sebastián Ramírez, CFA and Miguel Zielonka, CFA.

By the very first moment, the founding group considered to open a chapter to function as a regional hub for the whole Southern Cone, covering and providing services throughout the borders of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brasil. Nonetheless, with a more comprehensive assessment of the situation, the final outcome resulted in the inception of a chapter to service Argentina and Uruguay.

During the planning and start-up period, and in addition to the efforts of the pioneers’ group, the support coming from the CFA Institute, and especially from the Regional PCR Daniel S. Meader, CFA were pivotal in order to achieve a successful birth. It is worth clarifying that AIMR had changed its denomination to CFA Institute during the launching process of the local society.

Notwithstanding the huge crisis that Argentina had to go through during years 2000 to 2002, that culminated with the biggest sovereign default in history until that time (only surpassed in 2008 with the Greek default), our ambition to initiate the chapter remain unchanged. Against all odds and headwinds, in early 2002 the Argentina & Uruguay Chapter of Investment Professionals has formally started to function at a time when there were countless uncertainties about the future for finance professionals in a country like Argentina, with a broken state and a fully paralyzed banking system. A few months later, we changed the name of our local association to CFA Society Argentina & Uruguay.

Our story as a society is the living example and the actual confirmation that we should never assess reality from a static perspective, but we should always appraise the perspective. We are a generation within a chain of generations, and even in the tougher times we could find opportunities to be captured by ourselves or by the coming generations behind us.
This society biography is open to comments, amendments, corrections and updates on a continuing basis. Any member who would like to improve this testimony and to help recording the growth of this common project is invited to do so.

Board of Directors of CFA Society Argentina & Uruguay

Role Name
President / Chair Alejandro Emilio Bianchi, CFA
Vice President / Vice Chair Santiago Miguel Padua, CFA
Vice President / Vice Chair Juan Cruz Elizagaray, CFA
Vice President / Vice Chair Barbara Mainzer, CFA
Treasurer Mariano Alejandro Skladnik, CFA
Secretary Pablo Matsumoto, CFA


Role Name
Public Awareness Chair Daniela Silvina Wechselblatt, CFA
Public Awareness Chair Agustin Ortiz Fragola, CFA
Candidates & Membership Services Chair Cristian Brau, CFA
Advocacy Chair Fernando Berge, CFA
Liason with Regulator chair Pablo Matsumoto, CFA
Scholarship Chair
Research Challenge Coordinator Santiago Padua, CFA
Liason with Universities Lautaro Veliz Espeche, CFA
Prep Courses Chair Juan Cruz Elizagary, CFA
Technology Chair Sergio Javier Gonzalez, CFA


Role Name
Senior Staff Office Associate to the Board Natalia Plateroti